Simple Sustainable Urban Greening

Everything on Earth has a relationship in some way or another with its surrounding environment. The destruction of rain forests and pollution of the oceans are problems on a global scale. But biodiversity also involves the complex relationships of organisms on a micro level.

Species loss has a local impact which in turn impacts regionally, nationally and globally. The impact of biodiversity loss is incredibly complicated and affects every aspect of our lives including air quality, water quality and quantity and threatens the very way in which we live. Increasing vegetation in a sustainable way is a critical cog in the wheel and it has long been realized that roof greening and urban greening can play a valuable part in that cycle.

Pocket Habitat can be planted with wildflower species and is a valuable tool in meeting and exceeding the needs of Biodiversity Action Plans (BAPS).

Function and form
Pocket Habitat is unique in many ways. It has been designed to create sheltered and shaded areas within each pocket and, with its mounded substrates, allows for the establishment of a much wider range of species. A series of tessellated pockets can create a sculptured form, providing an instant mix of shape, colour and texture to the landscape.

Features and Benefits

  • Varying substrate depths encourage diversity of plant species
  • Different substrate materials promote different plant communities
  • Low maintenance
  • Product simplicity reduces installation time
  • An interlocking modular system creates a distinctive visual pattern
  • Customising different substrates, plants and coloured felt can be used to create a bespoke solution for individual needs
  • Easy to move if access to the original surface is needed
  • Can be installed in awkward shaped spaces without cutting
  • SUDS – can be a valuable tool to reduce surface water run-off
  • Significant reduction in the Urban Heat Island Effect can help meet BREEAM and BAPS requirements