• Size
  • Felt colour
  • Appropriate site waste can be used to create your own substrate, saving costs by eliminating the need to transport waste off-site and thereby reducing land fill tax
  • Wetland simulation
  • Log sand mixes for different invertebrates
  • Drainage layer
  • Tamper proof clips

A - Water Egress
The outer layer is a composite felt material, engineered to optimise the egress of water for successful plant growth

B - Water Retention
Carpet waste and expanded clay retain water evenly within the substrate blend

C - Shelter
Good for seed germination

D - Substrate
Depth varies promoting biodiversity

E - Drainage Layer
Can be integrated into Pocket or make use of existing shingle


  • Each Pocket Habitat contains an appropriate wildflower seed mix for your area
  • Can be plug planted once installed for an instant visual effect
  • 4 standard recycled substrates blends
  • 3 Pocket Habitats cover 1m²
  • Dry weight = 56kg/sqm; Dry Pocket Habitats can be carried and installed by one person
  • Wet weight = 81kg/sqm; Wet Pocket Habitats are carried by 2 people
  • 5 l/m² water retention
  • Can relocate within a target of 15 years (tbc)
  • 20% recycled content, 100% reusable