Simple Sustainable Urban Greening


  • (1) Place the Pocket Habitat and pull the strings to open; exposing the substrate and wildflower seed.
  • (2) Rainwater will germinate the wildflower seed.
  • Over time a valuable habitat is established.
  • The Pocket Habitats are tied together during installation to form a continuous vegetated surface.
  • Pocket Habitats should be laid over a drainage layer. This can be a Nophadrain composite (12mm thick) or existing ballast. Because each Pocket only weighs 20kg at delivery, they are ideally suited to be manually handled which speeds up installation and makes retrofitting via existing buildings simple and effective. 
  • (3) The Pockets are butted together to form a regular pattern. Each unit is tied to its neighbour and has intimate contact on all sides to ensure there are 2.8 pockets per m². Once in place, each row should be lined up using a string line or similar and then seeding or planting can be carried out.
  • See how easy it is to install  Pocket Habitat on: